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TUsers Security Component v2.x

TUsers Licensing Model

Our licensing model for TUsers Security Component is to offer a better quality service for you and your company, regarding your TUsers license:

  • The TUsers license prices are in EURO
  • For new customers, the TUsers Developers licenses is 99 Euros, 199 Euros for a Team License and 399 Euros for a Enterprise License.
  • All new licenses includes free updates for 12 months.
  • The current customers are already receiving free upgrades for 12 months, automatically.
  • New Annual Subscription for TUsers updates

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How does the Annual Subscription works

The annual subscription means you are able to download all new TUsers versions while your subscription is active. The downloads availables includes bug fixes, new drivers and any new enhacements for your TUsers license at no additional fees.

After your free updates license expires, you need to purchase the Annual Subscription in order to receive the new downloads. You will receive a Tools&Comps notification informing your license is about to expire and that you can renew your license, if you wish.

We highlight you must renew your subscription within 3 months after you receive the notification it has expired. After these 3 months, you will need a new TUsers license.

The annual subscription fees are 49 Euros for a Developer License, 99 Euros for a Team license and 199 Euros for a Enterprise license.

Why the new subscription model

After reviewing this license model used by several companies, like Dev Express and Atozed, we decided this is the best one to apply. It allows to reduce license prices, attracting new customers and also ensure that Tools&Comps will also be encouraged to enhace its products, as we know there will enougth cash flow to afford new developments.

Tools&Comps thanks your compreension and if you want to send your comments/sugestions, feel free to drops us a e-mail.

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